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Ordering FAQs:

Effective 4/15/2014: All orders will be processed through the secure shopping cart at BookCovers.Us. The side navigation links will take you there. Thanks!

My Office Hours:  

I work Monday Ė Friday. Because Iím also an author, I design book covers for other authors when Iím not under deadline for my own books. If you see that Iím ďunavailableĒ for custom design work, that means that Iím working on my own projects. As soon as Iíve completed my project I will change the notice at the top of the page to ďAvailableĒ again. In the meantime, I invite you to look at the pre-designed covers. I do add to my stock regularly even if Iím not doing custom work. I donít have specific hours during the week but work whenever I can be at the computer around kids schedules and caring for the horses and dogs (friend me on Facebook to see pics). However, I donít work on the weekends because itís reserved for my family.

Delivery time for pre-designed covers is usually 24 to 48 hours after I receive it. I schedule two weeks for print covers (Monday-Friday) and often have them back to the customer within a week (as long as youíre responding quickly to my emails). I donít like to go over those two weeks because I limit the number of print book covers that I do at one time and often have people waiting for me to finish up current print covers so I can take on their project. Thatís why youíll see the print book packages turned off and on frequently. Itís off when Iím fully booked and on when Iím at a point on the current covers that I can take on a new client. Please check back often to see the current pre-designed book covers and the new completed projects in my portfolio.

Thanks for visiting today. If you choose me as your designer, I look forward to working with you.

Please note: I work fast. Please donít order and then not respond to my emails. I like to get the final product to you sooner rather than later. :-)

Regarding Print Books:  I am no longer offering print book packages due to the time involved and my own schedule. 

Regarding images: I will select images from stock photo websites for your book cover that cost between 1 and 5 credits. This is the only way that I can include the cost of the photos in the total design price. If you want to use specific photos that cost more than 5 credits, youíll have to purchase the photos and send them to me. Most designers do not include the cost of graphics in the design price. I include them but I have to place a limit on them because I canít keep my prices low if I have to pay $50 Ė $100 per picture. In the future, I may have to exclude the cost of the photos from the total design cost. Weíll see how it goes. Many of the stock photo companies allow unlimited usage of their royalty-free images up to 250,000 / 499,999 / unlimited copies depending upon the stock site. At some sites if you would like to use the cover/images in unlimited quantities, an enhanced license will be required. I primarily use Depositphotos.com because they don't limit the number of sales. Book covers are included in their standard license and an extended license isn't required. However, at times I do use photos from iStockPhoto.com who does limit usage to 499,999 copies for book covers. So if your sales go above that amount, you'll need to purchase the extended license at that time for an additional fee set by iStockPhoto.com.

Exclusivity: All pre-designed and custom covers are uniquely my designs. I do use stock photos so I canít guarantee that youíll never see an element used in your cover on another book cover, however, youíll never see the elements combined as Iíve designed them. This only applies to covers that include more than one element. If you choose to only have one stock image then you may see that image on someone elseís book. If you want to ensure that your cover is a complete original, then order a package that combines multiple photos or you can check with illustrators to purchase a one of a kind graphic instead of using stock images. These normally run in the hundreds of dollars and I canít include them in my prices.

Cover Credits: I do request that I am given cover art credit and that the photographer of the images that I use is given copyright credit in the front matter of your ebook or print book. I will send you the copyright information to be used in the front matter of your book when I send the final files. I reserve the right to keep a copy of the final customized cover on my website for design showcase and marketing purposes and to post several pages that show my interior design work for print books. I will link to your website from your cover and any showcased interior pages if you provide me with your website url. If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Copyright: For ebook covers, print covers and print interior designs, Melissa Alvarez of BookCoversGalore.com/BookCovers.Us retains copyright to the final ebook or print cover design and has the right to use these designs in her marketing efforts to showcase the quality of her work. For covers, Melissa Alvarez nor the client owns copyright of included individual photography or artwork included within the cover design, which usually remains with the imageís creator and who is also normally given credit in the front matter of the authorís book. Melissa Alvarez nor BookCoversGalore.com / BookCover.Us has any copyright to your written book.

Mock-up covers not chosen by clients: I reserve the right to sell any mock-up designs Iíve created for custom design packages as pre-designed ebook covers if they were not selected as the final cover file for a clientís book.

Purchasing pre-designed covers without text: I've had many people ask if I would sell them a pre-designed cover without the text on it.  I do not do this because then it is no longer my complete design.  I customize the cover for you with your book title and author name. There are no additional fees for customizing the author name and title on pre-designed covers.

Refunds: If you order a custom cover package from me and I havenít started on your cover when you ask for the refund, then Iíll refund the full amount. If you order a custom cover package from me and Iíve already started working on your mock-up covers but havenít gotten very far into the project, then Iíll retain 15% for the work Iíve already done and refund the rest. If Iíve spent hours and hours working on your project and you find fault with everything I send to you, then I will retain 35% of the total price for the time and energy that Iíve already put into your project and refund the rest. I feel that my time has value and Iím not keen on working for free. :-)

Unlimited Modifications on selected mock-up: I charge flat rates instead of charging by the hour and will make a reasonable number of revisions until youíre happy with your cover. What are a reasonable number of revisions? Letís look at a couple of examples. You order an ebook cover and I send you three mock-ups. From those three mock-ups youíd like to see one more combining some of the elements. I send you that one and you love it but want your name a little bigger. I fix it, and you love it and weíre finished. This is fine with me and is reasonable. On the other hand, letís say I send you those three ebook covers and you donít like them. Okay, that can happen so I design three more. Out of these six covers you pick elements from each book and want them designed into one cover. Okay. But when you see the cover you decide youíd rather mix a different combination of elements together in two different covers. So I do that. Now weíre at nine covers and there still isnít a resolution in sight. Then you want to change hair color or no longer want a city background but want a country look. This kind of indecision isnít fair to me as the designer and isnít reasonable. In cases like this, if I feel that weíve gone beyond what I feel is reasonable, Iíll inform you that Iím implementing additional fees for each additional cover made which will be priced according to the type of package purchased. Thatís fair, donít you think?

Additional eBook Cover Charges:

Most of my packages include unlimited modifications to the final mockup selection within reason, however, if needed additional rounds of modifications will be billed separately at $35 per round. A ďround of modificationsĒ means minor changes to the cover you selected out of the mockups I designed for you at this price (ie fonts, background colors etc). It is not creating an entirely new cover. Creating new covers after the number of mockups and reasonable modifications included in each package will be billed separately at $125 per additional cover design. Unfortunately, Iíve had to put this policy into effect after doing over 20 separate ebook covers for multiple clients.


I do not start work on your project until it is paid in full. It doesn't matter if you're a regular client who has ordered multiple covers from me, a close friend, or even a relative. I've been burned too many times with promises of being paid which never happened or people changing their minds and then not paying me for time spend on their job. Thanks for understanding.

I no longer offer cover ideas unless a package has been purchased.

I currently do not offer formatting for ebook files nor do I plan to offer this service in the future. I suggest you check Markís List on Smashwords for a list of ebook formatters.

For all custom work: After you have purchased your package you will need to send me your cover ideas on the form during checkout so that I have a clear idea of what you envision and can create what you have in mind. The form also asks for a blurb about the book, and a description of characters that you want portrayed on the cover. If youíre providing me with images Iíll need all high resolution photos and text copy before starting work on your project. I do all custom design work in the order it is received to be fair to everyone. I also limit the number of projects I take on per month so that everyone gets their book covers back in a timely manner.

A website banner is 468 x 60 and includes elements of your book cover design, website and author name.

A publisher logo will help brand your publishing house or company in the mind of your customers. I develop the logo concept created specifically for your brand. One to three designs to choose from based on our discussions.


For Print Packages if they're offered for sale: 

I don't always offer the print packages for sale. I only offer them if I don't have a lot of other obligations because they are very time consuming. If they are available, there will be a package offering on the prices page of my website. I currently work with CreateSpace for print books.

The print packages DO NOT include editing. I do not offer editing services due to my contractual obligations and stipulations with the publishers of my books. It is very important that the manuscript if fully edited before you send it to me and it must have basic formatting. It should be single spaced and formatted as you want it to read. That means if you want words italicized or bolded, they should already be that way in the manuscript when you send to me. Please do not send a manuscript formatted for publisher submission (for example: publishers want the manuscript to be double spaced with words that should be in italics are underlined and bolded and/or words set off with asterisks). I need the manuscript print ready. Please make sure you've gone through your manuscript thoroughly or hired an editor prior to sending it to me because I do charge extra if I have to redo the file because you found editorial problems that you want to change after I've sent you the final formatted files. 

If the author changes their mind about the size of the book (we'll discuss it before I start to find the size that will maximize your profits and if you pick 5 x 8 and then after I've completed the files then you decide you want a 6 x 9 or some other size) and I have to recreate both the interior and cover files, then they will have to pay for a whole new set of files at my regular pricing or quoted price because I will have to remake the files at this new size. Please be SURE of the size book you want before we start. 

Additional Print Charges:

If I made an error I fix it at no charge. But if I've finished the work for your project and sent you the PDF for proofing and you find editorial errors that have nothing to do with my work, or if you change your mind about a design element that you previously approved, and you want me to redo the file there will be additional charges because you're making me do the work more than once. I charge a flat rate of $100 per instance to redo work. Here's a list of some examples of work that will cost you additional fees.

The author changed their mind about a design element that was previously approved. Cost is $100 per element.
The author finds editorial errors in the text of the manuscript that they didn't catch prior to sending me the text. This one costs $100 per 20 errors.
The author finds editorial errors in the text of the back cover that they didn't catch prior to sending me the text. Cost is $100 to correct.
The author decides they want other changes not requested prior to the final files being made. Cost is $100 per change.
The author alters the final file and can't fix it before submitting it to the printer but wants to keep this version because they made editorial changes in it. Minimum cost is $100 and it could be more depending on what was done to the file.
The author sends me a previous version of the manuscript that contained errors instead of the final edited version. Minimum cost is $100 and it could be more depending on what I have to do to fit the new manuscript into the formatted interior. If I have to redo the entire thing it will cost $359.
The author alters the final file again after I've fixed it for an additional charge and messes it up again. Minimum cost is $100 and it could be more depending on what was done to the file.
If changes to the interior cause changes to the cover, then the cost to redo the cover is $559.

It is VERY important that you send me the FINAL EDITED VERSION of your manuscript and back cover copy before I start work so that you don't run into additional expenses because you're making me redo the work more than once. I purposefully set these additional fees high. Authors need to understand that I sit at my desk for hours upon hours working on their interior file and cover and if I'm going to have to redo work that I've already spend hours on because of something the author didn't do correctly, then I need to be compensated for my time. The time spent on redoing a project because the author didn't do their part or because they changed their mind after getting the printed book is time I could have spent on someone else's project or making more pre-designed covers. My time is limited as it is so I charge a lot if I have to redo work. That's why we go through several stages in the design process and why the author always has to look at the PDF in the CreateSpace Interior Previewer prior to approving the files. It shows you exactly how the book will look in print.


Other Frequently Asked Questions :

Are your pre-designed covers retired after being sold or do you sell more than one copy of each pre-designed covers? One cover for one book. If you buy a cover from me, that's your cover for your book and it's never re-sold to anyone else. I reserve the right to keep a copy of the final customized cover and sample interior pages on my website for design showcase purposes. I will link to your website from your cover or interior showcase samples.

How long have you been making covers? I started designing book covers when I self-published my first book in 2000 (it was published Jan. 2001). When I expanded New Age Dimensions to a small press, I did all of the ebook cover design, print book cover designs and print book interior layout designs where I gained a tremendous amount of experience. I've been offering book cover design services for years.

Are the rates always the same for pre-designed book covers? I've made getting a pre-designed cover easy at BookCovers.UsMost pre-designed ebook covers are only $39 unless they're on sale and then they're even more affordable! I now offer Premier Pre-Designed Print Covers (comparable to my eBook and Print Cover Package) and Premier eBook Covers (comparable to my Simple and Premium eBook Packages) at a fraction of the cost of the custom design packages. If the cover fits your book, grab it before it's gone. Prices are subject to change without notice and covers may be priced differently depending on the complexity of the design, the number of images purchased and the time it took to create. I reserve the right to offer different products at any time at various price points. I may run sales, put something on clearance or do a new design that costs more or less than the normal flat rate. 

Where do you get the photos you use in your covers? I purchase most of them through stock photo websites. Others are pictures I've taken myself or are original graphics and drawings I've designed. 

Do you do custom covers? I do custom covers because I enjoy doing design work. But, because I'm also an author, I  only do custom design work on a project by project basis for other authors if I'm not under deadline for one of my books. There is a notice on the site that says if I'm available or not. When I am available I limit the number of projects that I'll take on each month. If a month is booked out, I'll place a notice on the site that includes what month I'm currently booking.

How long does it take to create my cover? eBook covers only require a few days turnaround time. It really depends on how quickly you answer my emails. Once I start on a cover, that's all I do and I work fast. There are some things I can't do until I hear back from you so if it takes a week or two to get your response, then I have to wait for you before I can move forward. I prefer that authors are available to discuss their books with me once I start on it instead of disappearing after we've begun and not responding because that causes delays not only in getting your book finished but also for any other authors that are next in line. I do all covers in the order received to be fair to everyone but if I haven't received a response within a reasonable time period and after I've made multiple attempts to contact you while we're working on your project, then I will move you behind someone else who is waiting. That's only fair.

With custom work I will do a specific number of ebook cover designs or print book covers for you to pick from. In the past I have ended up doing up to twenty different covers for one book in an effort to accommodate the authors. After this happened several times, I had to make the decision that I can no longer do this because I spend hours upon hours making and remaking covers for a very low price. I now stick to the set number of covers per package and the author chooses from the ones I provide. If the author wants more than the number of covers allotted in the package they purchased, then there is an additional charge per cover of $100 for ebooks and $175 for print. I'm sorry it has to be this way but my time does have value and is limited. 

I want to post the mock up covers you sent me online and let people vote on which one I should choose, can I do that? No, you can't. Not only does it make me look unprofessional as the designer but it will violate the content license agreements of the companies where I purchase photos. Once your cover is finalized you can show the world!

How much do you charge to make a custom cover? It depends on what you want. Click here for price ranges and detailed specifications.

I bought a pre-designed cover from you and now I want to bring my book out in print with the same front cover. Can you create the print book cover and do the interior layout? Sure, as long as I'm available for custom work I can do this for you. 

Where do I buy my ISBN? R.R.Bowker 

Do you do consulting for self-publishers? I do offer consulting services when I have the time. I charge $49 per half hour to offer you guidance. The best thing to do is make a big list of questions and have a pen and some paper ready so that we can go through them when we talk. 

Do you do other design work? Right now I'm focusing on ebook cover design and print book creation but if you like my work and have something else in mind like brochures or bookmarks just email me and we'll discuss it. I can design pretty much anything.

Can I make my own banner or bookmarks with a cover that I purchased from you? Once you purchase the product you may use it for advertising via banners, bookmarks etc.

What type of payments do you accept? PayPal. You can pay by check or credit card through PayPal. All echecks must clear before I begin work on your custom cover or customize the predesigned cover you purchased. If you pay by echeck I will place a "reserved" notice on the cover while we're waiting for the echeck to clear.

Do you give refunds?  Pre-designed graphics can be refunded if I haven't customized it to your book yet. If I have started the customization, then it can't be refunded. If you order a custom cover package from me and I havenít started on your cover when you ask for the refund, then Iíll refund the full amount. If you order a custom cover package from me and Iíve already started working on your mock-up covers but havenít gotten very far into the project, then Iíll retain 15% for the work Iíve already done and refund the rest. If Iíve spent hours and hours working on your project and you find fault with everything I send to you, then I will retain 35% of the total price for the time and energy that Iíve already put into your project and refund the rest. I feel that my time has value and Iím not keen on working for free. My  goal is to create a design you will love and I'll do whatever is needed, within reason, to make sure you are satisfied.

Need more help? If you're completely lost and need someone to guide you through the self-publishing of your book from beginning to publication, I can do that too. 


Melissa Alvarez is an award winning author, graphic artist, website designer and holds a BA degree from Virginia Tech. She writes nonfiction under her real name and fiction under the pen name Ariana Duprť. Melissa has two titles with Llewellyn Worldwide titled, 365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency (Jan. 2012) and Your Psychic Self (Feb. 2013) and over fifteen self-published titles.

Melissa has always been an entrepreneur and owns successful businesses with her husband. Melissa became involved in the publishing industry in 2000. She formed New Age Dimensions to self-publish her first book, The Phoenixís Guide To Self-Renewal, which was released in January 2001. It quickly landed in Amazon.comís Top 1000 where it stayed until it went out of print. At the time, Melissa was manufacturing the 416-page book in her home and eventually couldnít keep up with the demand. Melissa says, ďThe learning process that went with the publication of this book was phenomenal. I jumped into the industry in an unconventional way but it was fun and worthwhile.Ē

Between March of 2004 and February of 2006, Melissa, founder and CEO, operated New Age Dimensions as a small press. During this time Melissa designed the book covers, created the print book layouts and ebook files, designed and maintained websites for the company as well as some of the authors. The company won awards for website design and the books published received numerous five star reviews and won many awards including EPPIEíS, the Oscars of ePublishing. Melissa is now offering to the public some of the services that she performed as a publisher through BookCoversGalore.com and BookCovers.Us. Additional services may be added in the future, depending upon demand and Melissa's schedule.

Because of the industry contacts made when Melissa worked as The Guide To Romance Fiction at About.com, she decided to release her first paranormal romantic suspense novel, Night Visions, under the pen name Ariana Duprť. She wanted the book to stand on its own, to receive good or bad reviews because of the writing, not because she knew a lot of people in the romance industry or because she owned a publishing company. Melissa didnít want her jobs, past or present, to affect the reviews in any way (good or bad). So she kept Arianaís real identity a secret until enough reviews came in that she knew the book had indeed earned success on its own. Night Visions became a multiple award winning title as did Talgorian Prophecy. Melissaís also has a novella titled, Paradise Designs, and two short stories titled, Talgorian Dragon and Briar Mountain available.

In the past, Melissa has also been a regular columnist for Examiner.com as their first Paranormal Examiner, a paranormal columnist for Suite Magazineís Thirteenth Floor, a writing correspondent for The American Kennel Club, a contest judge, a freelance editor, and she is considered a publishing expert and is listed on a Writerís Digest Top 100 website as such and has appeared on many radio shows and podcasts in the same capacity. As an internationally renowned clairvoyant advisor, with experience in many different areas of metaphysics and as a paranormal romantic suspense author, Melissa wrote an article about the emergence of the psychic fiction genre for Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine. 

Melissa has several self-published titles through her company, Adrema Press. The nonfiction titles are The 365 Days to Raise Your Frequency Journal, My Psychic Journal, Simply Give Thanks: A Beginner's Guide to Joyful Living through the Power of Spiritual Gratitude The Phoenix's Guide to Self-Renewal, Ghosts, A Spirit Guide and A Past Life: Four True Experiences with the Other Side, Analyze Your Handwriting Your Color Power, Chakra Divinationģ Cards and Charts, Chakra Divinationģ Ultimate Balance Journal, The Essential Guide to Chakra Divinationģ,  Paranormal Investigative Groups Around the World, Homemade Recipes for Horse Treats, and Christmas Desserts. Her fiction titles (published as Melissa Alvarez writing as Ariana Duprť) include: Briar Mountain, Paradise Designs, Night Visions, Talgorian Prophecy, and Talgorian Dragon. She also has a children's book released titled, Penelope Panda's Shooting Star. She has also been published in The Writerís Net Anthology of Prose, Paranormal Experiences Volume One, New Age Dimensions Holiday Extravaganza, and is quoted or featured in Book Marketing A-Z by Francine Silverman, How To Operate A Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant by Shri Henkel, Successful Meetings by Shri Henkel and Book Marketing 101 by Nikki Leigh.

Melissa is the founder of International Paranormal Fiction Month, a Publishing Expert at Moonspinners Ask the Experts (Writerís Digest Top 100 Website), a Spirituality & Publishing Expert at BookPromotionNewsletter.com. She previously owned two paranormal groups at Yahoo.com and is listed in the top ten psychics on bestpsychics.com and on Bob Olsenís Best Psychic Directory. She was the host of The Readerís Round Table radio show where she introduced authors to readers and psychic readers to the showís listeners and co-hosted Celtic Seers Radio Show.

Melissa can speak or write about the following topics:

The publishing industry Ė how to get started, self publishing, owning a small press, critiquing, manuscript formatting, book cover design, interior print formatting, romance fiction, the submission process, looking at both sides of the industry as a publisher and author, ebooks, psychic fiction, marketing, online promotion and many other topics.

Metaphysics Ė clairvoyance, past lives & past life readings, ghosts & hauntings, developing your psychic abilities, spiritual awakenings, spirit guides, empathic abilities, psychometry, telepathy, divination, life paths and lessons, connecting with your higher self, unlocking latent abilities, meditation on the go, crystals, chakras, tarot, pendulums, third eye activation, karma, soul quests, palmistry, elemental spirits, protecting with white light and much more.

Melissa can be reached via email (Melissa @ BookCoversGalore.com without the spaces).



I am currently UNAVAILABLE to design custom covers due to my own writing schedule. I also have a wide array of pre-designed ebook covers for sale. Custom quality at a fraction of the price! Starting at only $39 but if on sale then they're even less!!


"I've worked with Melissa on several custom covers.  She's a joy to work with.  I've been so impressed with her professionalism and skill and the speed with which she creates.   Her unique and beautiful vision brings my characters and settings to life." ...  Lynn Wood, (author of the Norman Brides Series) 

"Hi Melissa, My proof arrived, and it's gorgeous, amazing, the most beautiful book ever!!!! Thank you sooo much! I appreciate every minute of your time, and know how hard you work, and all that you do. Thanks for being you. ~Patrice Wilton
"What a difference 24 hours can make.  I contacted Book Covers Galore on a Monday morning regarding the design of an e-book ďNisha NuggetsĒ.  Within two hours, I received a call from the President, Melissa Alvarez regarding my inquiry.  We discussed my vision and concept specifics for the cover.  By Monday evening, I had the first draft, and the final cover Tuesday morning.  She brought my vision to life with her creativity in 1-Day.  Talk about AMAZING..considering the fact that we were in different states, the process was easy and convenient.   I highly recommend Book Covers Galore for any author seeking creative, quality, and speedy designs for their books."  ~ Nisha Parker
"Working with Melissa Alvarez was a real pleasure! Her creative flair is unique. She was easy to work with and expedient. I'm beyond pleased with the cover she did for my book The Pendulum, and plan to use her for all my self-publishing covers." ~ Tarah Scott
"Melissa Alvarez  turned my manuscript into a self-pubbed novel that can sit proudly on any bookshelf, in any bookstore!" ~ Traci Hall
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