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"OMG!!!! This is the prettiest cover, the most compelling cover I've ever had. Wow! Thank you so much, Melissa. I dearly love it." Cassandra Curtis

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Welcome to the original Book Covers Galore! 

Book Covers Galore is a full service graphic design company specializing in creative, professionally designed web and print magazine advertisements, custom eBook covers and publishing services. Catering to the design needs of the small entrepreneur to large corporations including self-publishing indie authors, publishing houses, farms, retailers and other different types of businesses. Check out or portfolio to see if we can help you with your next graphic design project. All orders are placed through our sister site at BookCovers.Us.


I am very honored to announce that the following four covers were selected as finalists in 
EPIC’s 2015 Ariana eBook Cover Art Award competition.

Are books judged by their covers? Most definitely!  A striking, eye-catching cover is important to your book's overall success. A good book cover design using graphics, interesting color combinations, fonts and effects that stand out will all contribute to an attractive cover that will grab the prospective customer's attention. It will make them wonder what you book is about and move from the cover to your blurb or back cover copy, where your writing will pull them in. 

That's why you should be selective when choosing your designer. A professionally designed cover can make a big difference in sales. It can create an author or series brand and encourage impulse buys. A cover can be simple or complex but it must evoke questions in the reader's mind or create emotions when they look at it. Oftentimes, a simple cover is better. Take a look at some of the best sellers from the major publishing companies - the cover is simple but enticing. A well designed cover draws the reader in and the blurb (ebook) and back cover copy (print) is what sells it. A poorly designed cover looks unprofessional, amateurish and can turn off a reader before they even get to the book description. Many readers associate a poorly designed cover with bad writing. You might be the best writer in the world, but if the reader can't get past the cover, they'll never know what they're missing! That's why it's important to hire a designer you can trust to portray your book in the best light, even if their ideas are different from your initial cover idea. In today's marketplace a professionally designed cover has become essential if you want your book to be taken seriously by readers.

BookCoversGalore.com specializes in pre-made ebook covers (which are now located at BookCovers.Us) and custom eBook and print book graphic design work for self-publishing authors and publishing houses. If you're new to self-publishing, or a seasoned author just venturing into self-publishing, I can help. I've designed fiction and non-fiction covers for bestselling authors who brought out their backlist and for new authors just starting out. Check out the pre-designed book covers to see if one is right for your next release or for one of your back list titles that you're releasing on Kindle, Nook, Pub-It or other ebook format.


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eBook Cover Design

A striking, eye-catching cover is important to your books overall success. A good book cover design using graphics, interesting color combinations, fonts and effects that stand out will all contribute to an attractive cover that will grab the prospective customer's attention. It will make them wonder and move from the cover to your blurb or back cover copy and that's where you're writing will pull them in. 

Some of my custom cover designs are shown above. Click on the links to the left to see all available pre-designed ebook cover designs for sale, my portfolio and pricing for custom covers or click on any covers on my site to visit my client's websites.

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I'm Melissa Alvarez, a multi-published award winning author. I write both fiction and non-fiction and previously owned and operated New Age Dimensions Publishing. Now I help self-publishing professional indie authors by offering artistically designed custom ebook and print book covers, pre-designed ebook covers and print book covers and custom print book interiors. I can help you realize your dream of being a published author or prepare for your next release.

Experience Counts

I've been in the publishing business since 2000 and have many years of experience under my belt. When I ran my publishing company I made all of the ebook covers, print covers and designed the interiors of every print book. I can help you avoid costly mistakes and produce a quality product for much less than most graphic designers charge. If you'd like to know about everything I've done in the industry please check out my bio.

A Work of Art 

One of the keys to successful publishing is to have a cover that stands out from the crowd. I know that I've personally bought a book based on it's cover and have been pleasantly surprised to find a new author that I love! When your cover stands out, and is a professional design, then the reader trusts that the content is going to be excellent. Your custom designed cover will be a work of art, something that you can be proud to show off.  With a custom cover I work hard to bring your vision to life and portray the book through the cover. I spend long hours finding the right graphics that fit your blurb and description of your characters. I often spend more hours working on the sample covers than I've listed in the package price because I want you to love them all so much that you'll have a hard time choosing!

Introducing Premium Pre-Designed eBook Covers 

In my pre-designed covers I offer many levels of design so there is something for everyone. If you want a simple one picture cover or a complex one - you can a wide variety in many genres to choose from on my site at BookCovers.us. Most pre-designed ebook covers are only $39 unless they're on sale and then they're even more affordable! I now offer Premier eBook Covers (comparable to my Simple and Premium eBook Packages) priced up to $99 which is a fraction of the cost of the custom design packages. If the cover fits your book, grab it before it's gone! 

More For Your Money 

Don't let cost fool you. There are people putting up fly by night book cover design sites like crazy right now because they're trying to cash in on the self-publishing craze. I keep up with market trends and right now you can find ebook covers for $5. But remember this - you get what you pay for. Most of these covers look cheap and unprofessional. Is that really how you want to portray the book that you've spent months writing? If you put that much energy into your book, then pay for an outstanding cover to give your book the best opportunity it can have in a marketplace that is saturated with over 400,000 newly published books every year. Money spent on a quality book cover quickly pays for itself. The investment will be well worth it in the long run. 

I believe in getting the most bang for your buck so I offer a lot of options in my packages that you might be charged for at other places. I believe in doing a great job, offering amazing customer service and giving a lot at a reasonable price. 

I know that for some authors may balk at my prices due to the recent influx of cheap covers in the marketplace. That's why you have to look at the quality of the covers and compare apples to apples when you're looking for a book cover designer. I offer many affordable options from professionally pre-designed book covers to a graduating price scale for custom covers based on the elements and time involved. I've also included single graphic custom designs as well as multiple graphic designs in many of my pre-designed covers. Each book is different and sometimes a simple cover is exactly what's needed. If you compare my pricing with other places you'll see that my prices are lower than many other designers. I've made my prices as affordable as possible for the time I put into your book. The big companies normally use simple templates that are very plain and charge over $700 just for a cover while using readily available software to let you customize it. I customize your cover to your book based on your theme, characters or non-fiction topic. But most importantly, I create your cover based on your vision of how you imagine your cover will look. I discuss your book with you, get to know your characters or topic and pick your brain so that I can create something that truly reflects your vision of your books cover. I ask your likes, your dislikes and I go the extra mile because I'm also in your shoes. I do my own covers but if I were to hire a designer, I know exactly what I'd expect of them and that's what I offer to you. When you self-publish your book never goes out of print so it's worth every penny to make it outstanding from the start. I also recommend hiring a professional editor to make your book shine! Even though I've been an editor and can do the work, I don't offer it as a service due to my contracts with my own publishers.

What is Self-Publishing?

There is a lot of confusion in the publishing industry, especially for new authors, as to the difference in self-publishing and vanity publishing. 

Self-publishing is an acceptable method of publishing your own titles. Not only are you the author, you're also the publisher. You're taking on the entire expense of bringing your product to the consumer. This means you pay the full cost to purchase the ISBN's, which identifies you as the publisher for your publishing company, you produce, print, market and sell your title. As the publisher, you are in complete control of every aspect of the creation and selling of your book from the cover design, the interior layout, the ebook files, print publication, sending it out for reviews, distribution and all promotion. You may decide to only bring your book out in print or as an ebook or you may choose to do both. The success of your book lies totally in your hands. Because you've made this investment in your work, all profits from the book are yours. 

Vanity or subsidy publishing is when you pay someone else to produce, print and market your work. With a vanity or subsidy publisher, your book is published under their ISBN and identifies the vanity/subsidy press as the publisher of record. However, vanity publishing is looked down upon in the publishing industry as a whole because so many vanity presses mislead new authors. The confusion comes into play because vanity publishers have taken the term "self-publishing" and applied it to their business models when in fact, what they do isn't self-publishing at all. 

It is difficult for first time authors to sell to traditional publishing houses for several reasons. Competition is fierce, sales for first time authors are unpredictable, and authors usually need a platform. When you self-publish, if your sales are phenomenal, you may very well catch the eye of a big publishing house or an agent. It's rare, but it does happen. Just make sure you're truly self-publishing and not going with a vanity/subsidy press because big publishing houses never look at titles that have been vanity/subsidy published.

Print or eBook?

With the explosion of the ebook industry, many authors are choosing to bring their back list out in ebook format only. They're listing the books for sale on a variety of ebook retailer websites and some of them are earning a good deal of money this way. The cost to bring an ebook out is relatively small. If you're tech savvy you can do all of the file formatting yourself. If you can design covers, you can do that yourself or you can take advantage of publishing professionals who can help you with this process. With an ebook you'll pay for an ISBN with Bowker, a book cover design, ebook file formatting and possibly distribution where someone will list your book on various websites on your behalf. 

Printing a book is more expensive. While you can use print on demand technology to bring out small quantities at a time, you have a higher expense in getting the book ready to go to the printer. Interior formatting and print book covers are more detailed and complex and should really be done by professionals who have experience in print production. That doesn't mean you can't learn it if you want too - you can but there is a learning curve to it and you could end up paying repeatedly if you upload an incorrect file. With a print book you'll pay for an ISBN with Bowker, a book cover design, an interior cover design, printing, and distribution.

Should You Self-Publish?

Not every author is concerned about earning a living with their writing. Some authors may need a book published to meet an organization's specific needs, to give out in a business training seminar, as a promotional tool or as a family memento. Traditional publishers would rather buy and publish books that will appeal to a large, mass-market audience instead of a small group. Big publishers are looking to earn money from high volume sales. Self-publishing requires commitment to your product, your book. You'll write it, fund it, design it, sell it and enjoy the profits from it for the rest of your life because you never have to take it out of print. If you have the drive and the money to fund this business (and writing/publishing is a business), then self-publishing may be a perfect choice for you. 


On another note: Recently it was brought to my attention that someone started a site using my business name with a slight spelling variation and a "group of designers" offering low quality book covers for sale. There isn't any contact information for them on their site. This was very concerning to me because I have been in business for years and worked hard to build a professional reputation as a ebook cover designer and graphic artist for print books at BookCoversGalore.com and recently expanded the pre-designed covers to BookCovers.us. I don't want any confusion so I'm posting this notice to let customers know that I am not affiliated with any other sites that design book covers in any way other than my own, which are BookCoversGalore.com and BookCovers.us, even if these people are using a variation of my business name. I've never been part of a "group of designers" and never will. Thanks for your understanding.



I am currently UNAVAILABLE to design custom covers due to my own writing schedule. I also have a wide array of pre-designed ebook covers for sale. Custom quality at a fraction of the price! Starting at only $39 but if on sale then they're even less!!


"I've worked with Melissa on several custom covers.  She's a joy to work with.  I've been so impressed with her professionalism and skill and the speed with which she creates.   Her unique and beautiful vision brings my characters and settings to life." ...  Lynn Wood, (author of the Norman Brides Series) 

"Hi Melissa, My proof arrived, and it's gorgeous, amazing, the most beautiful book ever!!!! Thank you sooo much! I appreciate every minute of your time, and know how hard you work, and all that you do. Thanks for being you. ~Patrice Wilton
"What a difference 24 hours can make.  I contacted Book Covers Galore on a Monday morning regarding the design of an e-book “Nisha Nuggets”.  Within two hours, I received a call from the President, Melissa Alvarez regarding my inquiry.  We discussed my vision and concept specifics for the cover.  By Monday evening, I had the first draft, and the final cover Tuesday morning.  She brought my vision to life with her creativity in 1-Day.  Talk about AMAZING..considering the fact that we were in different states, the process was easy and convenient.   I highly recommend Book Covers Galore for any author seeking creative, quality, and speedy designs for their books."  ~ Nisha Parker
"Working with Melissa Alvarez was a real pleasure! Her creative flair is unique. She was easy to work with and expedient. I'm beyond pleased with the cover she did for my book The Pendulum, and plan to use her for all my self-publishing covers." ~ Tarah Scott
"Melissa Alvarez  turned my manuscript into a self-pubbed novel that can sit proudly on any bookshelf, in any bookstore!" ~ Traci Hall
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